How to change Facebook cover photo

If you want to change your cover photo on Facebook, go through the following steps:

On Mobile

When you are using Facebook on a mobile phone, using Facebook application whether for Android or iOs:

  • Open your profile by clicking on your display name, then you will see your Facebook profile picture as well as your Facebook cover photo.
  • Click where you see the word EDIT with camera icon beside it, then you will be asked to upload the new cover photo if you wish to do so.
  • Select the new cover that you want to use and click save.


While on a PC, just use your favorite browser:

  • Hover over the cover photo on the top left corner of the cover, you will see a camera icon.
  • Hover over that camera icon, you will see UPDATE COVER PHOTO.
  • Click that, and you will be asked to upload the new cover photo.
  • Set the cover to the position you like and then click save, your cover photo will be updated.
Change Cover Photo

Change Cover Photo