Change Facebook Username

How to change Facebook username url

Hello Friends, as you know, this site always take you there on time, our guidelines about Facebook does not have a lot of blah blah, we just show you the link, you hit and you are there.

Alright, today I want to show you the quick way to change your Facebook username or others call it Facebook profile URL or Facebook Page URL. If you do not have a username, or you have a username but you dont like it, then this will work if you have changed it only once (during creation), but if you have already changed it, and you are not allowed to change it again, I will show you the way forward.

To change your Facebook username also known as profile address or profile/page URL, just follow the link below and you will be taken to the official page for username change:

Now, if you have exceeded the number of times you are required to change your Facebook URL, there is no way you can change it again, if it is very necessary to have that username or url, all I can advice you is to create another account, and add all of the friends you have, then set that username you want, after that you can delete the account with "bad username".
Hope that helps.