How to create Facebook page

Facebook pages are essential product for the growth of your business, a lot of people are asking themselves how they can create the pages for their businesses, the following are steps to follow if you would like to create your fan page:

  • The first step is to go to the facebook page creation url, just click the following link and you will be taken there:

  • After that, you will be presented with various categories for pages, just click the category you wish for your page
  • Then you will be required to choose another sub-category for your page which is the more specific page category from the drop down list, for example: brand or product >> Electronics, then fill out the required information such as name of the brand or product
  • After finishing those steps, you will be required to follow on-screen instructions to finish creating your Facebook page.

The final and necessary step will be to start sharing your products or statuses on your page and attract visitors to your page, this can be done by inviting all of your friends to like your page or the more advanced way is to spend some dollars to boost your page or posts for “likes”.