How to create Facebook Year in Review Video

Once again Facebook has designed a very special video with your 2016 memories to share with friends on Facebook.

Facebook will create a nice memory for most of your best events, statuses, posts, videos and friends that you have made in this ending year.

You can create your yearinreview video by visiting the app page where all instructions to follow are available, and from there, you are free to create that video.

Year in review 2016

From that page, you can also decide to customize your video through selecting the pictures and statuses that you would like them to appear in your video.

Now to create your YearInReview2016 Video, just go through the following link:

Year In Review 2016

If your video is ready created, you will see it from that page and you can share it with your friends, otherwise if your video is not yet ready, you will see REQUEST button, click that button and Facebook will speed up the process of creating your video which will soon be available.