Deactivate Facebook Account

How to temporaly deactivate Facebook account

Deactivating your Facebook account means temporary hiding your Facebook account so that your friends and the public wont see anything from you, your statuses, your photos, videos and above all, your Facebook timeline.

Deactivating Facebook account is the better option for anyone who does not want to completely leave Facebook, this means after deactivating Facebook, you can be able to return and get in touch with friends again any time by login back.
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The following is the link to the official Facebook page for Facebook deactivation, just click that link then follow instructions and answer the questions you will be asked:

Deactivate Account

Note the Following:

Keep in mind that deactivating Facebook account will also deactivate your Facebook pages if you are the only admin to that page as well as applications, and if you are the group admin, another group member will be assigned admin role and you will lose your admin role even on reactivating your account.