Facebook reaction buttons

Facebook new reaction emojis

Fecebook started to roll out new feature today Wednesday 24th May 2016. The new feature is an advancement to the 7 years old popular LIKE button, the like button will still be there, but it will be powered with other five new reaction buttons.
The new reaction buttons are: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.
Facebook reaction buttons
Each of these buttons express a certain situation as their name suggests.

How to use reaction buttons

The reaction buttons feature is expected to take few days to be available to everyone in all countries, however, you will be needed to update your Facebook Application if you are using Facebook App on Android or iOs. If the buttons are available at your location, all you need to do is to find the Facebook status, photo or video that you want to REACT on, just hover on the like button and you will see other reaction buttons, then you can decide to "express your feel" by clicking the button you want.

Facebook reaction buttons

That’s all that you need to do. Just click the reaction button you want to represent your feelings and you are good to go.

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