Create Facebook Friends Day 2017 Video

February 4, 2017 is Facebook’s birthday.

Facebook celebrates its birthday in a day they decided to name “Friends Day”. During this day, Facebook creates a nice video for you to share with your friends and celebrates the Friends Day.

This year, Facebook is celebrating its 13th Birthday, and they have already started to roll out the 2017’s Friends Day video for you to share with your loved ones.

Just like other videos that are created by Facebook to mark the special events and anniversaries, like A year in review video or Friendversary video, Facebook has created a special page where you can always access a friends day video each year.

Because Facebook is a network of more than billion people, this video will not available to all people at once, but rather, it takes some time to be available to everyone on Facebook depending on your Location and sometimes your contents.

If friends day video is available to you, you will just receive a notification from Facebook that your video is ready, and you can just click on that notification to see and share your Friends day video.

Friends Day 2017

If you can’t wait for the notification, you can just visit the Friends Days’s app page, where you will be able to see the status of your video.

The following is the direct link to access the Facebook Friends Day video app:

Friends Day Video

If your video is ready created, you will see it from that page and you can share it with your friends, otherwise if your video is not yet ready, you will see REQUEST button, click that button and Facebook will speed up the process of creating your video which will soon be available.