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How to explore Facebook Live

The live streaming feature which is rolled out by Facebook several months ago is getting popular, this amazing feature allows any user of Facebook to record a 30 minutes live video which can be seen by the audience they have choosen.
This new feature can be used to grow your customers and sales if you are a company representative, but also it is a great tool for politicians, educators, motivational speakers and artists to communicate with their audiences.
To broadcast your own live streaming video, [ CLICK HERE ] to read about how to live stream.

To explore various live videos around the world, open Facebook on a *PC and then just click the following link, and then you can move along your country or any other country to see what other people are up to.

Live Map

The blue icons you will see refers to the live videos which are being broadcasted all around the world.

Facebook Live Map

*Please Note...

This Live Map does not work on a Mobile Device, to see Facebook Live map you must browse Facebook on a PC or Mac

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